Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vista is a cheaper windows

Time for some Vista luuurve.

Understanding the True Cost of Windows



22 years of inflation has made Windows Vista cheaper than previous versions of Windows.


So Is Vista Really Cheaper?

Based on the evidence presented, I've shown conclusively that Windows Vista is the most inexpensive operating system they've released to date. After almost 10 years of steep price increases, the MSRP of Windows has been flat for more than a decade, with the cost after inflation steadily decreasing since then. One would expect that the cost of Windows would rise with inflation, but I have shown that simply isn't the case. And while newspapers are quick to trump the (so far) subdued public excitement for the Windows Vista launch compared to Windows 95, purchasing that OS in today's dollars is a VERY tall order.

Had to smile at the guy who put this together :

"I'm just an online pundit who's barely old enough to legally buy alcohol"

just shows you who is running the tech blogs nowadays. You just need to read digg for a while to see the average age is, um , low.


ntt said...

Still seems mighty expensive to me.
But then I've paid for the last few OSX updates without fail. In fact, I waited outside an apple store for 2 hours for the last one...

So perhaps I am biased.

Digital Davo said...

Of course something you detest is always gonna be expensive :)

I last paid $190 for an OEM copy in mid 2003. Before that I guess I paid something or other for win98 with the previous PC. So I reckon I've given MS actually very little in the last 8 years or so.

well over 90% of users get OEM version apparently.

My various employers would have purchased a few copies over the years of course.