Monday, March 19, 2007

discover: funny

Murdoch uni has a new 'discover' site with a flash image browser on the left where people can submit their own 'discoveries' for a chance to win a prize.

Unfortunately some people are submitting some politically incorrect discoveries, such as "for sale, one child slightly used, warning: likes to bite. - michael jackson".

Perhaps they will start moderating submissions soon.


Claire Bear said...

Thanks for letting us know about this one - its been removed now.
We have an admin area up an running that allows us to quickly and easily remove offence/distasteful entries now.
We hope other users continue to enjoy using it for genuine reasons - we are starting to get some really cool entries in now. Check it out.

ntt said...

Wow, nerdlink comment of the year!

Thanks for the info Claire Bear. Really cool to see that you're keeping an eye on offensive content etc. I do hope you leave some of the non-offensive humour in there though? Maybe not.

I'm wondering why there's a shortage of purples and certain blues?

Digital Davo said...

Wow, looks like Clair Bear is monitoring the referrer logs. Our secret blog breadcrumbs are no longer secret.

I wrote a blog post about referrer logs - I am amazed that the internet community hasn't made up more of a stink about how much information you give away when you click on a link.

referrer logging & privacy - how come no-one seems to care ?.

Claire Bear said...

Isn't that half the fun of the web? It gets ever more powerful by learning about user habits and therefore more and more appealing to us.
With the type of campaign we are doing its important to keep up with what people are saying about the site and making changes where needed.

ps: yes, we are short of some colours in the wall ntt but its filling up fast....