Tuesday, March 27, 2007

super fast printing

Quite a few colleagues from the Sydney office have left in recent years to work for the super secret Silverbrook Research. They don't even have signs on their offices and they can never utter what they are working on. Anyways the door has opened slightly with some new sites to do with their super fast and supposedly cheap printing. I'd love it if this lead to home printing that was really really cheap, but I figure once they license it to the big boys like canon and HP it will become like now.

Check out video of how fast it prints on the first link.

Silverbrook's Memjet printer technology available late 2007, company says http://texyt.com/silverbrook+memjet+technology+available+desktop+photo+wideformat+hp+edgeline+comparison

Revolutionize your printer portfolio with Memjet technology. http://www.memjet.com/default.aspx

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