Thursday, March 08, 2007

From Hiro to zero: thank goodness for channel BT

Heroes to villains

THE Seven Network's stable of international drama is anything but invincible after Heroes took another dive last night.

Heroes has now lost almost one million viewers since it premiered to an audience of 2.1 million six weeks ago.

Last night it fell victim at 8.30pm to Network Ten's House, the night's most watched program with 1.46 million viewers in capital cities.

The Heroes audience of 1.18 million viewers was seventh for the night, even finishing behind Nine's McLeod's Daughters, which has been considered to be lagging early in its sixth season.

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ZanMan said...

I have to admit it's hard to keep momentum going for a show when each ep is shown a week apart. And the fact that you're locked into a day/time to view it (unlike channel BT) is also a hindrance.

I probably wouldn't have gotten into it so much early on if I didn't have the first 12 eps to go through.

The sooner we get shows on demand (come on iTunes AU!) the better it will be for us.. but maybe not channel 7 :)