Friday, March 23, 2007

Haiku Error Messages...

Now how's this for an idea for a more interactive nerdlink post... (also based on more outside traffic from non-posters, this is your opportunity to get creative and also to let us know your existence... You know who you are...)

I was reading a post from TheDailyWTF/WorseThanFailure/WhatEverTheyAreCalledNow and it was about a slightly humorous error message which a submitter encountered and they suggested it was almost like Computer AI with a touch of sarcasm...

On closer inspection, it had almost a Haiku-like structure with the exception that there was one too many syllable on the first line (the 'A' at the start can be redundant)

So on more searching I found this page on Haiku Error Messages.

So all you wordsmiths out there... get commenting with your submissions... :)

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