Wednesday, January 24, 2007

vista vista vista vista vista

how many version of vista are there? yes, this is old news, but it is still amusing to us apple fanboys


Digital Davo said...

a more objective listing of the versions is here ;

"This leaves most people with four Vista product editions to consider: Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate. But we can trim it even further: Since Vista Home Basic is crippled and does not include some of the best features found in other Windows Vista versions, I have some very basic (ahem) advice: Do not purchase or use Windows Vista Home Basic. It's that simple."

sooooo the choice is actually just 3.

"In the end, most Windows users are going to want to choose between Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate. And what's interesting is that the first two of these choices correspond almost perfectly with the two mainstream Windows XP versions that are currently being provided on new PCs today: Windows XP Media Center Edition and XP Professional, respectively. Windows Vista Ultimate is brand new and can be considered a superset of the home-oriented features in Vista Home Premium and the business-oriented features in Vista Business. So those who want it all--and don't mind paying for it--should snag Vista Ultimate. That's the version I'll be using."

(but feel free to keep bashing vista !)

I also read that they are predicting by year end that 100 million people will be using vista or office 2007 - that is a very big number.

ntt said...

Considering that according to at least one website, in 2005 there were 192 million PCs sold, I find it highly believable that there will be that many OEM copies of Vista and (to a lesser extent) Office in distribution.

However what seems more common in the blogosphere is a sentiment that Vista contains very few compelling reasons to upgrade.

And more personally, as it is well known that I am a mac fanboy, Vista presents no compelling reasons to consider switching back from OSX.

I find it a shame that a lot of unwitting purchasers will end up shelling out cash for Vista Home Basic which is badly crippled.

swang said...


I for one will probably switch over to OSX when Leopard finally gets released and pick up a laptop with (hopefully) the new LED backlight for better battery performance...

Then run XP PRo on Parallels...

I've never been an early adopter of the new version of Winblows... I'll let work be my guinea pig... :)