Friday, January 05, 2007

google searches that find nerdlink

so people are staring to find the biscuit crumbs that are nerdlink. Thanks to the sitemeter link (new Nick ?) here are the links that have found our little garden.,SUNA:2006-02,SUNA:de&q=pimp%20the%20bizhub

german search for "pimp the bizhub"

Bulgarian search for "sony mdr-r10 king"

Spanish Search for "asus r2h "sticky keys""

Search for "GotchaBox" although I can't seem to get this one to work.


ntt said...

yeah i added the sitemeter a few weeks ago for fun.

ntt said...

btw I'm shocked. 1.27% of our audience is running at 800x600! Come on people, get with the 21st century!