Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone Omega

OK, this is the last iPhone post from me unless one of us actually gets one... next year. has a print-out version of the iPhone so you can pretend you have one (its quite small!) as well as a countdown until its release.


swang said...


I'll be doing some printing out tonight on some cardboard, and doing some manual cutting and pasting... :)

Although I think your iPSP-Phone is much cooler... send me the pic and I'll be the coolest nerd on my block... :P

Alternatively, if someone has made the demo into a mp4 video, I can rehearse the finger actions on my screen to wow the crowds... :D

ntt said...

Yes I considered this video demo thing earlier. :)
It is actually incredibly possible. I have some software on my laptop that will let me record video from a fixed-size are onscreen and will scale to the psp proportions... then one just need to be brave enough to fake the actions and upload to youtube!

swang said...

Do it, DO it! DO IT!!!

"Your mission if your choose to take it..." *mission impossible theme playing*

See if you can be the first to do it and then make it to a mainstream techblog, even if they claim it's a hoax... :P