Wednesday, January 10, 2007


OK its just a phone... but oh what a phone!

and very very expensive too!
Its a startrek communicator on steroids!


Digital Davo said...

Apple Computer oops Apple has done an awesome job is getting it all in there but it feels like a "zune 1.0" release to me. Later versions might be more persuasive.

I'm not a phone guy so I doubt I'd ever carry round a (thin) brick that is firstly a phone.

The ear prints and smudges on my album artwork, man that will get boring. Make the bluetooth headset really really really small so that you don't look like you just stepped out of startrek and it might work.

anyone want to speculate about AU pricing and availability. $ EDGE is basically GPRS and only Telstra is saying that have it (since October 06). So it makes sense that Telstra will want to offer it, although 3 might want to offer any 3G version but then there is NextG which is WCDMA which is different again and Telstra only, or Optus or Vodafone with their own different 3G network protocols. What a mess mobile data is.

Soooo Apple what about an iPod without the phone bits ?

It will be interesting to see if people can stand using a weeny soft keyboard and use the iPhone as an internet tablet. no one has really got that down pat yet.

Noone is whinging about the battery life. Surely it needs to be better to be a serious mobile device ? It will have to be tethered to the battery pack in your laptop bag ? hehe.

ok here endeth my expert and totally unbiased analysis.

ZanMan said...

Here are some pics to drool over (if you're into that sort of thing)


Personally I can't justify the cost.. and my 3yr old Nokia is still going strong. :)

Awesome gadget though :)

ntt said...

I think Optus do EDGE as well. They certainly sell EDGE phones (ie Ming's phone).

The 5 hours phone/video/browsing battery is enough for one day surely? Then charge every night.

I'd also like to see what 3rd party apps will start getting written. If, like I suspect, it will basically be Obj-C with Core Animation interfaces then I anticipate a lot of existing mac developers to start writing mini-apps for it that tie in with their main apps. ie small note taking apps, outliners, expense trackers, etc.
So it will become a PDA of sorts, too.

Digital Davo said...

Hopefully this new colour newton phone will be scratch resistant and won't slip out of your hand ?

I guess I'm still poking around working out who will really want such a convergent device.

Digital Davo said...

OK. I am excited about flickr uploads and google maps - but they'll be only as fast and sexy as your current data link allows.

ntt said...

I reckon for the entire first year of availability the market will be CEOs, rich DINKs and preppy teenagers with rich parents. That will be enough to meet sales forecasts.

After the first year you might start to see the price drop a smidgen, or the introduction of a new model that drops the price of the original or causes a flood of second-hand ones on ebay.

ZanMan said...

I've just found out that a majority of people working at the ex-CEO's company do want to get one. So you can include tech nerds to the list too.

One said that it will replace his Phone/PSP that he lugs around.

Speaking of 3rd Party apps... this would be perfect for me to implement StatCaddy Mobile©. Input my golf stats as I play then sync with my Mac when I get back.

Now if only I could finish v1.0 of StatCaddy :)

Digital Davo said...

"Technically, it's like squeezing Windows Vista into the space WinMobile takes now. Just two to three years ahead of Microsoft."

ntt said...

To add fuel to the fire, Diana reports that she saw (either on tv or web) that the estimated price of the iPhone in australia will be around $600AUD.


ntt said...

Interesting to take a look at yesterday's speculation: