Wednesday, January 03, 2007

RSS your Comics...

I was searching for a Dilbert RSS feed and there is no official one, but I did come across this site which is a directory of feeds for online comics.

Tapestry Comics

Enjoy! :)


Digital Davo said...

Not sure how I ended up with my dilbert feed, but I get is from here already -

ntt said...

Hey guys I just noticed you get it from the same place!

*beams with pride*

Do I get a prize? :)

Digital Davo said...

I think the prize that should be awarded is

"Third Place in Finding Dilbert RSS Feed",

awarded to Swangle.

Actually, Zan, did you have it in your feed listing - we might be able to award Sam the 4th place honour :)

ZanMan said...

Does having the feed in our bug tracker application count? We've had that for awhile now.

Digital Davo said...

Surely that counts !!

Sorry Sam-o. Your prize is in the (e)mail.

Tell us more about bugtracker app - it must be pretty funky to have feeds !

ZanMan said...

The app was written in-house by a guy who has left and is now selling it (he must have done it in his spare time).

Come to think of it... I don't think he was reading a Dilbert feed. It could have been a web scraper reading the Dilbert site :O

*shhhh* don't tell Sam. I don't want to give up my 3rd Prize.

ntt said...

the funny thing (IMO) is that Sam probably is unaware of this conversation because he doesn't use RSS all that much?
Come on Sam, prove me wrong!

Digital Davo said...

You mean we can talk about swangle-o here ad-infinitum and he might not ever even be knowing about it ?


Hi Sam. Did you get that $100 I sent you ? it was in an email titled "Viagra from Your Nigerian Relatives" hehe.

swang said...

Got the $100 thanks Davo... :P

So how did you know about my well hung Nigerian rellies? ;)

I'm a RSS convert dudes, just thought I'd see what else you guys post in the meantime...

So how's that teeth flossing going Davo?

Digital Davo said...

Glad you noticed my G-String comment. I bet you'll never look at (I mean notice...) a G-String wearer the same ever again !

Flossing is bad today, I hate it whan Mango gets stuck.