Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MSN censors links

Censorship, originally uploaded by Isaac Mao.

Well, it turns out that MSN Messenger censors links

I was trying to send this link to all my friends to get them to vote for me so I could win some cash:


But Adium told me of connection errors, Proteus pretended to send but the other person never received the message, and I refused to use the real MSN Messenger but apparently it behave like Proteus.

Server-side filtering with no error message is SO crappy! Best analogy is that of a government secretly pulling letters out of the mail system because they contain naughty info. Microsoft, repent! Repent now! I need to win cash and you're stopping me!

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Digital Davo said...

Yahoo! IM probably does it too.

I've never seen an admission of what it is so, but one can imagine that it is to stop spam.

Try sending out an email with viagra in it anywhere and see if iiNet delivers it ...