Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day from Googe...

Googe? Some reckon the stalk of the strawberry represents the L, but do you buy it? Some graphic artist was probably rushing this out in time to out during his lunch break to buy some thing for his honey cos he forgot it was Valentines Day... :P

Anyone else noticed it yesterday while giving our overlords personal info on ourselves using the ubiquitous search engine?

[via Gizmodo]


ZanMan said...

:D .. you're probably right about the graphic artist forgetting it was VD.

Don't diss our overlords too much. They are probably monitoring our blog postings.

Digital Davo said...

meh ! even gizmodo doesn't understand that jpgs are not for screen dumps. what n00bs !

(just had to make a critical meta comment, in the great tradition of the interweb)

MSN and Yahoo must groan in protest at this kind of noise - seeing how 0bs3ss3d ev1 is with our googleovlords.

Can you imagine the signal to noise we'd see if google fanbois and apple fanbois were united, say if like they merged or like an exec from one company joined the other. Oh bum.

swang said...

What do you mean probably? :P

Davo, you seem like the aluminum hat wearing, conspiracy theorist type... :)