Friday, February 02, 2007

MacWorld: Why use Lightroom?

Dave, I remember you asking why an app like Adobe Lightroom or Apple's Aperture would be useful when Adobe Bridge already has a lot of the same features... apparently MacWorld has been asked the same:

It seems they have a sensible answer.


Digital Davo said...

Interesting links thanks. I wonder how many photographers will be happy enough without any access to the power of photoshop though, and just stick with lightroom. It doesn't have to be one or the other, but as some functionality overlaps it might be hard to chose. I do know that I think my workflow could be more efficient - but that could be more to do with needing a new pc.

ntt said...

Well, my decision not to purchase anything is a result of much deliberation, testing, and looking at my wallet.

But if I did have the funds, I would most likely choose an app like Lightroom or Aperture instead of something like Photoshop. Realistically, once I have photos on my computer I'd like to do something with them, and having a good keywording cataloguing system built into my editor app would just make the photos more useful and fun. Instead of stuffed away in a virtual shoebox.