Friday, December 08, 2006

you can never have too many nipples

Like every Thursday lunch break, today we searched Yahoo! for the word “nipples,” and somehow it returned something SFW that we can share with you gadget-obsessed nerds.

The Yahoo! business site tells the story of the Nipple Adapter, a gadget every parent of an infant or toddler should have. Put simply, it turns the mouth of any ordinary water bottle (or beer, if you’re from Blake’s family) into a nipple, something babies like to put their filthy wet mouthes on.

It’s one of those inventions that should have been thought up years ago, but it took Tommy Habeeb, formerly of TV’s “Cheaters” to come up with it. Why not just give babies drinks of water? Because, like prom dates, “infants are unable to swallow without using their sucking reflex,” according to Habeeb. The thing only costs $2, and is a work of simplistic genius. I’ve ordered a box to use for Holiday gifts.

Former Host of CHEATERS Invents the Next Must-Have Baby Product [Yahoo! Business] [via Your Baby Wants Nipple Adapters]

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