Thursday, December 14, 2006

weird response from iTunes support

OK, so I'm trying to do the right thing and pay for my music. You'd think that the iTunes music store would have excellently encoded MP3s. (with DRM that is of course, actually .m4p files) Well a track in the latest Moby Album has a digital defect that makes it annoying to listen to. Thought I might contact them and see what they say.

`Sounds Bad' is one of the predefined problem names.

I don't want a refund, just um a proper copy of the track. Should I persevere ?

Re: iTunes Quality Report

Dear David,

Your request for a refund was carefully considered; however, according to our Terms of Sale, all purchases made on the iTunes Store are ineligible for refund. This policy matches our refund policies and provides protection for copyrighted materials.
For more information, please review the entire Terms of Sale for the iTunes Store at
iTunes Store Customer Support

Customer First Name : David
Customer Last Name : Pascoe
email :
Web Order # : M305055025
Support Subject : Songs
Sub Issue : Sounds bad
Comments : iTunes Account Name:
Platform : iTunes/6.0.4 (Windows; U; Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)) DPI/96
Song Name : New York New York (Rock)
Location : Specific time 00:01:33 (hour:min:sec)

There is glitch in this file at 1:34, New York New York (Rock) by Moby. I get a burp at this point on both my iPod and iTunes on my PC. Is there anything you can do for me ?

thanks, davidp.


ntt said...

Yes, persevere.
They don't give refunds (make it clear in your text that you don't want one) but they do allow re-downloads if you have a corrupted file.

ZanMan said...

Hmm.. they do give refunds if your name is Zan.

Dear Zan,

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.

Please provide the name(s) of the song(s) that sound bad, as well as a detailed description of the quality problem, so that we can investigate the issue further.


The iTunes Music Store team

Customer First Name : Zan
Customer Last Name : Aung
email :
Web Order # : M123931531
Support Subject : Songs
Sub Issue : Sounds bad
Comments : iTunes Account

Contact Info Provided:
Acct Name:

TrackID: 1367748
Hi there,
the song purchased was:

Name: Live your life be free
Artist: Belinda Carlisle
Album: Live Your Life Be Free
Problem : Loss of audio
The song audio cut's out (goes quiet) at 1:42 into the tune, and only
comes back at the 2:00 minute mark. This isn't part of the song.

thanks for your quick response.

Dear Zan,

Thank you for purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store.

We're sorry the song or audiobook you purchased didn't meet the standard of quality you have come to expect from the iTunes Music Store. We take the quality of our products very seriously and we will be investigating the issue you reported in depth.

We have taken the liberty of issuing a refund for your purchase. The credit should be posted within 3-5 business days.

Please do not repurchase this title in the next two weeks. This will give us time to resolve the issue with the title or remove it if we need to.

We hope that you continue to enjoy purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store.

Keep trying. Hopefully they will come around.
And no that wasn't my choice of song. :)

Digital Davo said...

Interesting. My track has a burp that is an obvious defect, but not the same as 18 seconds of silence.

So perhaps this is what is meant by `after careful consideration' in the opening response.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

So Zan did you get like $1.69 back or something ? Don't be shy, tell us the truth - you bought Kylie Minogue with refund didn't you :)

Digital Davo said...

OK so my name doesn't have to be Zan.

David Zan-I-Am Pascoe.

Dear David,

I understand that the song "New York (Rock)" has a burp at 1:34. I apologize for the inconvenience and have issued a sing credit that you can use to purchase a new copy of the track.

Please wait a couple of weeks before purchasing the title again. The issue you reported should be resolved by then.

Apple takes the quality of the products offered on the iTunes Store very seriously and will investigate the issue you reported.

I hope that you continue to enjoy purchasing music from the iTunes Store.


iTunes Store Customer Support