Monday, December 11, 2006

Get a Mac Ads: The Christian Version

These Get-A-Mac ad parodies the difference between a Christian vs Christ-follower...

These are amusing and quite well done... :)

Christian vs. Christ-follower [via Gizmodo]


ntt said...

I ran across these a few days ago, and I actually didn't like them.
I could see what they were trying to say but I didn't like the stigmatization of the word 'Christian'. I'm proud to be a Christian (and a Christ-follower)!

swang said...

These were made by a church, and I suppose it was to challenge the existing 'church go-er' to with regards to why they are there... (effective as it is probably thought/discussion-provoking)

To the wider public it might be a bit confusing, but I suppose it does try to clarify indeed what the jargon we use actually means... (Christian means a whole lot different today to some people as to the original post-resurrection days, which was really 'Christ-follower')

Amen to being proud to be a Christian (and a Christ-follower) which for us should be one and the same! :)