Friday, December 01, 2006

New Get-A-Mac ads are out!


Get a Mac ads [via Gizmodo]


ntt said...

I prefer the Japanese versions:


Digital Davo said...

Nice, funky. subtle comment about pcs not being for fun at home for the kids.

buuuut these are marketing to fanbois and they are already wheting themselves over any apple crumbs.

If I was apple I'd be more worried about Acer who are bigger and growing faster. If they get street cred watch out.

Actually the pc market is huge and getting huger so thankfully everyone can claim nice looking status about something growing.

ntt said...

*begin rant*

the marketing is amusing but its really about the product.

in that regard anything running windows will continue to suck for people such as myself because i care about consistency, clean design and convenient features...

and windows is stuck in a weird hack-world of having to support the latest of everything whilst still supporting the old way that everything has always been done since windows 3.11 for workfools.

other companies may make nice machines (i am fond of vaios... another price-premium brand) but the hardware is only a part of the experience.

*end rant*

ZanMan said...

I got a Mac because I was told chicks dig em ... this was before I was with Aik :)