Thursday, November 30, 2006

opera mini

I just got SMS spam telling me to download opera mini for my mobile phone.

I know this is perpetuating spam but i thought davo might find it interesting.


swang said...

Nicko, I spammed you through the website... I was going to spam Davo, but realised his phone will prolly not run it... :)

Mission accomplished in the end... :P

P.S. Did you try it?

Digital Davo said...

Yay Swang is a Opera promoter !!! I never knew that about you Sam - you just went up in my impression ;)

No chance that my phone can run it of course....

One would need to be, well a little crazy/desperate/someone-else-pays-your-bills to run GPRS speeds and try to surf the web - even as good as opera mini is...

Maybe NextG will be better, but again I'd want someone else to be paying the bills ;)