Wednesday, November 29, 2006

getting comments back from nerdlink

hey nicko, blogspotboss ; can we see an email from comments posted on nerdlink ? I use Windows Live Write to compose posts and Google Reader to read via this RSS/XML techo thingo, so don't go to the web page v. often.


you guys run out of ps[2p3] stories ? testing 1 2, is this thing on ?


ntt said...

Yeah sorry I've not seen any good stuff on the intarweb lately except for a really good site on using external flash guns on dslrs.... and that's only interesting to me!!

swang said...
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swang said...

I've been busy implementing a large system which went live today! Yay!

More downloading of the entire internet tomorrow so expect some links... :P

ZanMan said...

Where do you guys find the time to surf the interweb?
I don't think my job is cushy enough. Or maybe I need to be more efficient so that I have more time to browse. :|