Wednesday, November 29, 2006

dSLRs take note, cleaning the sensor yourself

Digital Tip No 1 – Sensor Cleaning

If you own a Digital SLR camera and you change lenses, you WILL get dust on your sensor and it MUST be cleaned.  Sensor cleaning by a camera shop can be expensive (about $50-$80), inconvenient and time consuming.

Buy your own sensor cleaning kit at a specialist camera store. Visit for information.

I took mine in a while back because blue skies had blotches on them.

VisibleDust is quickly becoming the consumer's first choice for Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning. We research and test all current and new sensor cleaning products to ensure complete, edge-to-edge sensor cleaning.

Wicked sounding products like Artic Butterfly, Chamber Clean, Smear Away.

I think I'd let someone else do it still. You guys feel brave enough to do it yourself ?

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