Saturday, June 02, 2007

PSP: Jeanne D'Arc

I have been doing research on what PSP games look good at the moment to me. At the moment? Nothing. In the next few months, a few games, but mostly Jeanne D'Arc.

What is Jeanne D'Arc? Imagine taking the story of Joan of Arc then ripping out all the real history except for the names and places... replace the English with Orcs... replace religion with magical crap... replace history with anime that looks really good... then you put that into a tactical (turn-based) RPG for the PSP with interesting minor innovations and a 3D engine (when most others are doing 2D that fakes 3D) and you have something interesting.

Of course, ripping God out of the story is the most sucky of lame moves to make but I don't really pick my video games based on either their factual content or inspirational spiritual content.

Here's some gameplay footage lovingly captured by some random Japanese guy for the sake of us Westerners who won't have the game until August:

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