Monday, June 04, 2007

new iPhone ads

I'm just going to assume you haven't seen these yet:

(click the pic to go to the web page with 3 ads)


Digital Davo said...

stylish ads as usual. Apple is the master of `I want one' promotion.

They forgot "this is the pair of golden handcuffs to afford one"

I wonder what the minimum total cost of one will be once you include 2 years of minimum voice minutes and 2 years of data downloads and apple care and ... and ..

I'm interested to see how/if Apple can turn this into a new revenue stream and product category - it seems like a good move to create something that at first glance doesn't butcher ipod or computer sales.

ntt said...

I reckon it will butcher high-end iPod sales... and that's exactly why there's no touch-screen iPod yet. They don't want the high-end iPod to butcher iPhone sales... there's too many people watching to see how many iPhones they sell.

Telcos seem to be all about the handcuffs. So I reckon golden ones would be just dandy. :P

ZanMan said...

Very swish ads. Sure would be cool to have one, but total cost of ownership would kill me.

I'm happy with my clunky mobile received from a generous donation :)