Tuesday, October 30, 2007

we haven't had an apple vs. microsoft post in a while

Apple is so lame and so childish that the icons it uses in Leopard for networked Windows PCs are CRT displays with a Windows blue screen of death. (See this image for details.)

You see, Leopard has its own blue screen of death. And it's happening to an alarming number of people who buy the new OS and install it on their Macs. Apple has been forced to acknowledge the problem and even use the term "blue screen" to describe it. And they've posted a fix, well, really more of a workaround, that involves an insane serious of UNIX terminal commands.

Have fun with those blue screens, Apple. My advice: Describe this as feature number 301. Heck, you might be able to wrangle 3 or 4 new features out of it. :)




ntt said...

I may not be in the best mood for this since I was up at 4.30am comforting my kid, but:

* 'an insane serious of UNIX terminal commands' ... firstly, proof read your stupid blog posts.

* 'an insane serious of UNIX terminal commands' ... a filesystem check, mounting the disk, and deleting a file? what kind of incompetent tech writer can't type three commands in properly?

* cause of the problem: people who have installed the APE 'haxie' onto their system. Not Apple's fault.

* 'feature number 301' ... there were actually more than features on that page, so it would be more like feature 319.

So there you go... my grumpy dissection of that crappy piece of blogging.

Digital Davo said...

now that's what we like to see, a decent reaction !

Digital Davo said...

and a good serve of ad hominem to boot !

ntt said...

When I'm low on sleep and low on coffee I will use any tools I have in my argument toolbox.

But seriously, that was one weak blog post. I think Paul should be ashamed of himself. That was almost Dvorakian in his desperate attempt to drive up web traffic.

There are no problems with any apple products. You need to adjust your expectations.