Sunday, September 02, 2007

Google dude likes having his photo taken

and he has gotten quite a decent list of known faces to have their photo taken with him at the googleplex. "Tan Chade-Meng, a geeky fellow with a big smile" is his gallery

Even the NYT has an article on him

At Google, Mr. Tan has a reputation as a top-flight engineer. But he is also known for his fondness for one-liners and for being a regular contributor to the company’s online humor groups. The job title on his business card reads: “Jolly Good Fellow (which nobody can deny).”

“In my free time, I do engineering,” he said.

Mr. Tan gets tips by e-mail or phone a few days before a famous person arrives. No one has turned him down yet.

Way to go Mr. Tan.

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