Monday, May 28, 2007

Star Wars clone wars tv show trailer

this looks the awesomeness IMO


Digital Davo said...

What are/is The Clone Wars ? A Cartoon spinoff ?

ntt said...

the original Clone Wars were a couple of short seasons of animated cartoons based on the clone wars and showing the progression of young padawan anakin through to his more troubled adult self (before episode 3).

this is a new CGI version (the CGI is based on the cartoon, not the real movies... hence yoda looking funny) that fills in more of the Clone Wars ideas and storyline.

Since most of the starwars movies are CGI ... and being based on the cartoony version of the characters and the action, I think this version promises to be very cool. You have the characters looking good... and also doing more cartoony action sequences that suit the jedi/scifi nature of the show.

ZanMan said...

Looks quite promising. I watched a bit of the non CGI episodes and didn't quite get into the show. But this one is one I might actually get into.

Keep us updated with where we can get our hands on the series.